A 10 minute introduction to the Lean 4.0 research project by Mirco Perron from NTNU

LEAN 4.0 outputs will become the foundation for innovation and knowledge creation in future collaborative improvement and research projects.

LEAN 4.0 will bring HEI closer to the labour market and facilitate the development of future curricula and the skillsets of the future operations managers which will improve the transparency and coherence of qualifications of students.

LEAN 4.0 is a collaborative initiative between four leading HEI and four industry partners with the objective to integrate Industry 4.0 smart technologies with the proven Lean Manufacturing paradigm. LEAN 4.0 builds on the knowledge gained on the EuroLEAN+ strategic alliance. LEAN 4.0 will educate the operations managers of the future in the best practices in the field of Lean & Industry 4.0. A main output is an open knowledge sharing platform to organize Blended Network Action Learning in practice and digital teaching content for the new and growing “Lean 4.0” community.

All project partners belong to large networks in the field of higher education, consulting and training in the manufacturing and technology industries. Their commitment has been proven through a decade of previous joint projects and provides a solid foundation for future work within the field of Smart Lean Operations.

Industry partners will achieve positive return on investments so there is a clear stimulus for them to use the developed methodologies and keep the knowledge networks alive beyond the project lifetime. The academic partners can use project results in future research and development projects, student projects, and development of courses.

All project information and open online materials will continue to be available via the project LEAN 4.0 website. The online platform will be home of the Blended Network Action Learning community for Smart Lean operations. Partners will publish and present project results in relevant journals and at academic and industrial conferences. Project outputs will become part of the curricula for Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. Social Media will be used to make results available to the manufacturing companies, HEI and individuals. Content such as the YouTube instruction videos will stay available after the project is finished.