On our Lean 4.0 Moodle platform, you will learn about cutting-edge advancements in Lean and Industry 4.0. You will find novel and interesting contents that we have classified into four different main categories in Moodle. The four main categories are the following:

1.           LEAN4.0 Movie. This is a general and introductory category, where the users can find a short video which tells the story of the LEAN 4.0 Consortium. This makes it clear where the core competencies of the respective project partners lie and how they were used in the course of the project. Moreover, in this section the users can find also a series of animated videos describing in an easy-to-understand way what is the Blended Network Action Learning (BNAL) methodology developed within the project and how to use it through an example.

2.           The link between LEAN and I4.0. In this category, the users can find theoretical insights provided by the project partners on how to combine Lean practices and Industry 4.0 technologies. Specifically, the focus is on which and how I4.0 technologies can support the four main Lean practices of Just-in-Time (JIT), Total Quality Management (TQM), Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management.

3.           Operation Managers 4.0. This category provides the project results related to the  pillars necessary for the development of an organization towards a LEAN4.0 organization. In this category, the users can find the different outcomes of WP1-4 and WP7, which can serve as basis for Operation Managers to develop their organization into a LEAN4.0 organization. Moreover, these results can also be used by HEIs to provide new and more company-oriented learning materials to develop Operation Managers of the future which will be LEAN4.0-oriented.

4.           Student & Pilot project. In this category, the users can find the practical outcomes of the LEAN4.0 project. The results from student projects and pilot projects are herein reported (either in form of short videos or of A3s), and the different users can have insights on the different possibilities achievable by integrating Lean practices and Industry 4.0 technologies.