Mitsubishi Elevator Europe (MEE) is part of the Mitsubishi Electric group, which is part of the Japanese Mitsubishi conglomerate.  The  headquarter  is  located  in  Veenendaal,  the  Netherlands,  and  consists  of  a  supporting  office department  and  an  extensive  engineering  and  manufacturing  department.  The  company  has  its  own  testing  tower, which  is  also  used  as  training  location  for  the  training  of  their  own  mechanics.  With  a  unique  combination  of facilities, the company is able to offer a broad standardized assortment of elevators. Their manufacturing department is also able  to make customer-specific elevators. The company also offers a broad set of specialist services, such as maintenance and renovations.The  mother  company  in  Japan,  as  well  as  their  own  engineering  and  product  development  department,  are continuously  busy  with  testing  and  improving  elevators.  Recently,  the  company  introduced  the  M-SUse®  concept where  customers  pay  based  on  the  use  of  the  elevator.  This  concept  asks  for  innovations  in  the  product  and  a  new focus on service offering.The company is partner of the HAN Lean-QRM Center and has invested substantially in the Lean education of their managers. They offerfrequently internships for students. The company is also active in investing in new automated manufacturing machines (punching & bending) and information system. They strive to a Smart Lean Manufacturing system,  where  Industry  4.0  technologies  support  theflow  (leanness)  of  jobs  through  the  factory.  Throughput  time reduction is one of the main targets of the company.The company in Veenendaal has 201-500 employees.