The newly opened Logistics 4.0 lab at NTNU is Norway’s first logistics laboratory that merges digital technologies with traditional production and logistics systems, enabling researchers, practitioners, engineers, pioneers, students, and other enthusiasts to come together and collaborate on common ground. Several tools and advanced technologies (such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile Robots, Real Time Location System/Indoor Positioning System, Motion Capture Systems, Simulation Software, 3D mapping) are developed, implemented and analyzed, in order to create smarter production and logistics systems and to support lean practices implementation.

It enables replication of real-life operations and material handling activities in lean production systems – including: smart assistive assembly workstations; smart supermarket area with assistive technologies to support picking and kitting activities; flexible material handling systems (mobile robots, advanced carts and trolleys, cloud material handling systems) and smart material management support systems (dynamic smart Kanban, smart bins, real-time value stream mapping, digital visual boards).