LEAN4.0 is a logical follow-up on the EuroLean+ project and makes clear that new innovations in manufacturing processes ask for other knowledge and abilities of operations managers.

The EuroLean+ project, was a cooperation of the four academic partners of LEAN40.

EuroLEAN+ was focused on collecting and realizing Lean best practices in high-variety/low-volume environments. One of the deliveries are a series of knoiwlegde clips, they are still available on the Eurolean+ Youtube channel.

LEAN4.0 makes use of the knowledge gained in EuroLean+ but basically has a different focus.

Key in LEAN 4.0 is the role of the operations manager in the development of Lean production methods & the use of Industry 4.0 technologies in the company. LEAN4.0 recognizes the fact that operations managers have to cope simultaneously with Lean and Industry 4.0 challenges. The operations manager recognized by LEAN4.0 is still active in environments with a high variety of products in small volumes per product.