Ghent University is a socially committed and pluralistic university that defines itself in a broad international perspective, stressing internationalization as the basis for the process of change and for strategic policy planning. UGent is involved in a large number of European higher Education projects both as coordinator and as partner, notably within the Erasmus, Tempus and Erasmus Mundus programmes. The university is also very active in terms of international research and participates in numerous European research programmes such as Horizon 2020.

For UGent, the Lean Enterprise Research Center (LERC) is participating in this project. LERC is a group of about ten researchers within the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design, which in turn belongs to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of UGent. LERC conducts research into Lean Implementation methods for organizations from all sectors: industry, administration, healthcare, service organizations, with special attention for SMEs. The expertise of LERC includes the design, optimization and simulation of production and logistics systems to improve layout and flow, both in industry and service systems. LERC was a key partner in the ERIP project (Interreg North Sea IV programme), of which EuroLEAN+ is a direct emanation.