More than 50 managers from various countries contributed in action research conducted by HAN University of Applied Sciences. The outcome of various round table sessions shows that the development of knowledge networks is especially important for the (future) Lean 4.0 Operations/Engineering manager. Therefore the Lean 4.0 project team started a new initiative for master graduates.

Master projects by 15 students

From the different university teams that participate in Lean 4.0, there are more than 15 students working on a master project in the field of Lean 4.0.  These projects cover subject like, the development of Digital Twin concepts in planning & control, the integration of robots/cobots, the use of Augmented Reality in production, Data Analytics, etc.  On March 29th, from 9:00 am -10:30 am,  the first group of students will get a master class on the art of story telling.  Story telling is an essential skill for Operations/Engineering managers to gain profit from networking.  During the session students will also get an overview of the Lean 4.0 project.  Subsequently, students will share their project learnings and their questions in smaller, focused, monthly networking meetings. Teacher/researchers from the different Universities will facilitate these meetings.  Company supervisors can join the small group meetings if interested.  

Lean Engineering graduates

The number of MES (Master Engineering Systems) students at HAN graduating in the field of Lean Engineering is increasing.  In 2020, about 10 students chose this specialization.  In 2021, about 20 students chose the Lean Engineering tracks. Many of these students will graduate on a LEAN4.0 project.  The initiative from the European LEAN4.0 project will enhance the networking skills of these graduates.

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