The partners of LEAN 4.0 met mid-December in Germany to discuss the progress of the project and to agree on plans for 2020. This meeting was combined with a visit to ROSEN. One of the companies closely involved in the Lean 4.0 project.


ROSEN in Lingen, Germany
The company Rosen is known for its individual products and services in the field of inspection, diagnosis and monitoring of pipelines.
During the company tour, various showcases presented projects on the subject of smart technologies.

A Virtual Reality approach addressed the approach of an optimized instruction of occupational safety on machines in the factory.
The Drones technology should simplify the localization of the goods on a growing test field for pipelines. For that a drone was introduced to the project-partner.
Smart Glasses should support the employee in a picking process.

Student project on Augmented Reality
A student presented this Augmented Reality approach from the Hochschule Osnabrück. The student is currently working closely together with ROSEN to develop a software application based on the requirements of ROSEN´s employees.

Network shows inspiring examples
Our network of Industry-Partners, Academic-Partners and students involved in our research made this meeting a success. With partners showing us good and inspiring examples that help us to come up with new ideas for the next year and years to come.


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