A lunch-to-lunch meeting after the well-organized ELEC conference was the occasion for the project partners to meet (either physically in Trondheim or digitally) to summarize the status of the project, discuss the final steps before the end of the project, analyze the lessons learnt and to explore future possibilities to keep the fruitful collaboration running.

Interestingly, from the lessons learned, it emerged that the key element for the success of the project was the trust between the partners involved. Trust in the network, for example, is necessary for companies to share their problems, as well as trust that the representatives of the HEIs possessed the competences necessary to assist them in solving issues. Moreover, another success factor was represented by students: students many times acted as a glue between the companies and the HEIs, and the project partners consider the creation of a student network a key element to keep the collaboration in place. Thanks to the student network, students from different HEIs can interact with each other on similar topics they are working on, as well as they can work on joint projects involving different companies. Moreover, they favor the collaboration between the different supervisors, leading to the arise of new ideas and many other potential collaborations. The project partners are working to create and consolidate this student network, and the first activities will start soon.

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