Drs. Ing. Menno Herkes

Drs. Ing. Menno Herkes

HAN University of applied sciences

Menno Herkes is research fellow at the HLQC of the HAN University of applied science and his research focusses at technology development and organization development. Most of the research projects are aimed at (technical) small and medium sized companies. Special interest is the way companies can invest in automated and Smart technologies and how to prepare the Human side of organizations in this development. Socio-technical organisation development is one of the key issues.

Recent relevant research projects included among others: the use and development of smart technologies in the Dutch chemical/plastics sector, the use of modern technologies and methods for automotive maintenance and EuroLEAN+. Menno Herkes teaches bachelor courses at the HAN in the subjects of organization design and development, basics of information technology & organization and systems dynamics. He also is active in industry training programmes of the HLQC in the field of Lean and process improvement, Technology Road Mapping and the development of SMART organizations.

Besides his work at the HAN, Menno Herkes is also guest lecturer of organization design at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Before joining the HAN, Menno worked for over 10 years in innovation en development, mainly Technical Automation projects for infrastructure and manufacturing. Both process as well as organization development were part of the projects.